Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mathacadabra?
Mathacadabra exists to inspire, excite, and encourage those learning about mathematics. We are especially interested in elegant and beautiful mathematics… the aha! moments.

Who is our audience?
   ·High school students who like math
   ·College math and science students
   ·Anyone who enjoys mathematical ideas
We are not the place to find help for your geometry homework assignment. There are plenty of other sites for that.

What are those π's?
For each item we try to gauge the level of difficulty, and the background required for it. The meaning of each set of π's is given if you hover your cursor over it. These are merely guides; feel free to ignore them.

What is MathJax?
MathJax is a technology for rendering math in browsers. Many of our pages use it to format more complicated mathematical expressions. After you load one of these pages, there may be a slight delay while your browser goes to the MathJax site to download the necessary fonts. More on MathJax can be found here.

Who are we?
   · Martin Erickson is a mathematics professor and writer about mathematics. He likes mathematical problems with elegant solutions. He has written several mathematics books, the most recent being Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (Wiley), with Donald Bindner and Joe Hemmeter. Martin serves as the editor for Mathacadabra.
   ·Joe Hemmeter is a former mathematics professor and current freelance software developer. Besides collaborating on the above-mentioned liberal arts mathematics book, he has done research in the areas of combinatorics and algebraic graph theory. Joe is the site designer of Mathacadabra (with help from his daughter Mary, a college physics student).
   ·Other authors contribute to our site. You will often find short biographies of them at the end of their items.