Guidelines for Authors

The intended audience for Mathacadabra is mathematically interested high school and college students. We present problems with solutions, discussions of mathematical topics, tips for students, and book reviews.

If you would like to contribute a discussion of a mathematical topic, we would be pleased to review it for inclusion, with recognition of you as the author. Here are some guidelines:
  • Any area of mathematics is welcome. The article should be of interest to an audience of motivated high school students and/or college math students.
  • Expository articles are good. Research may also be suitable if it can be appreciated by a wide range of viewers. A problem with solution is welcome if it is supplemented by further mathematical discussion such as generalizations and related topics.
  • The inclusion of figures is encouraged. Computer programs may also be included. References to books, articles, and websites are appreciated. Hyperlinks may be included.
  • The work should not be previously published. The author should feel free to republish the work, with an acknowledgment that the work originally appeared on Mathacadabra.
  • A concise author biography, if supplied, will be presented along with the item.
  • Please send your intended contribution to Joe Hemmeter at A PDF (initially) is fine. If we can use your item, we will ask for another format, HTML or LaTeX.